AMP Cancer Council Pro Bono Program

Equity Financial Planners take great pride in being a part of the AMP Cancer Council Pro Bono Program.

With funding from the AMP Foundation, AMP Financial Planners volunteer their time and expertise in the Cancer Council Pro Bono Program.

People with cancer often face complex financial issues while battling their illness. This is not surprising given the average lifetime cost of cancer can amount to 3.9 times the annual household income.*

Through the program, cancer patients who are unable to afford financial advice are matched with a qualified AMP Financial Planner, who donate time and financial expertise at no cost. We provide advice to cancer patients on issues such as:

  • accessing Centrelink benefits
  • applying for early access to superannuation and insurance benefits
  • developing a budget and ensuring a regular cash flow
  • planning for the financial future of their family.

* In a report prepared for Cancer Council, Access Economics estimated the average cost of cancer diagnosis to be almost $50,000.