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Corporate bonds vs. term deposits

Invest in a corporate bond fund or put your money in a term deposit? It’s a question more pertinent now than ever, as market interest rates push towards new lows. Both term deposits and managed bond funds are suitable for investors who want a reliable income stream, liquidity and capital preservation. But they have different […]

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AREITs: harnessing the real estate tailwinds of digital disruption

Moving towards the end of the business cycle, investors are increasingly seeking exposure to assets with defensive attributes. Australian real estate investment trusts (AREITs) is a defensive asset class that has shown its ability to deliver strong returns over a variety of market conditions, having outperformed equities over the past one and five-year periods, by […]

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The changing role of benchmarks

Benchmark-aware and index investing will likely always have a role to play in the investment world, but as markets have evolved and diversification has become progressively more important, investors are increasingly looking for approaches that are benchmark unaware. The background to benchmarks A benchmark is any definable market cross-section. Most are weighted by market capitalisation, […]

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The 2019 Australian Federal election and investors

The Federal Election Some might be forgiven for thinking the wheels have fallen off Australian politics over the past decade with the same number of PM changes as Italy, a fractured Senate and “minority government” at times making sensible visionary long-term policy making hard. With the May 18 Federal Election offering a starker than normal […]

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